Sustainable Fashion Hacks: 3 Tips You Need To Know

Being eco-friendly and more sustainable is a big priority here at dresst. But, we recognize that it can feel overwhelming at times when it comes to making changes to your everyday. Where do I start? Are the small things that I do making a difference?
There’s a ton that we all can be doing, but given that fashion is our focus, we wanted to share 3 quick & easy ways you can make some adjustments that will make a difference!


Wash on cold rather than hot or warm water

How to be more ecofriendly

This makes a big difference. If you’ve got a newer washer (think 2010 or newer), they’ll do a great job of getting your clothes clean on a cold cycle. Already doing this? Try to hang dry items when you can. Skipping the dryer can save up to 60% of energy used. Also will help you save on those hydro bills each month ⚡😉

 Look into the Slow Fashion movement - Clothing Rental Services

How to be more ecofriendly

Signing up for this email if your first step! We’re big believers in investing in the staples (great pair of denim, amazing white shirt, shoes that don’t fall apart after a season) and then renting the rest! Did you know that about 70% of a woman's closet ends up at a landfill every year? Did you know that by renting clothes on rotation it saves enough water for 2,323 bubble baths? Did also we mention we’ve got some super cute fall clothes for rent? 🍂 🧶

 Repair your clothes

How to be more ecofriendly

Instead of tossing worn-in clothing and shoes, take them to a tailor or shoemaker to get them mended, repaired, resoled or re-heeled. Did you know that by extending the life of a garment by 1 year reduces its environmental impact by almost 40%?