Monochrome 4 Ways

Who can say no to the allure of a monochrome outfit? It’s a no-brainer when it comes to getting dressed for work. It’s a flattering look for a weekend getaway. And it’s a chic style for a night out. 

However, not all monochrome looks have the same formula. There are 4 variations that our team bounce between when we want to pull together a one-colour or tone outfit. 

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1. Matching Set

Oh yes, a matching set. Who would have thought?! 

Matching sets come in a few different styles: matching top and flare pants, matching top and skirt, matching top and shorts... The following sets look great together, but can definitely be styled with other pieces for a new look. We always try to pack at least one set like this when we travel. It’s the easiest way to maximize your wardrobe as you can wear them together or be creative and put together a separate outfit. 

2. Colour Family

If a matching set isn’t your jam, here’s another great way to pull a polished monochrome look. It’s all about finding pieces from the same colour family. But don’t stress, they don’t have to be the exact same shade. This is your chance to play with the colour you love or experiment with a new hue. 

3. Mixed Textures

A chic cousin to the previous look. Mixing different textures (still within the same colour family) is done best when you balance bold textures with subtle ones. 

For example: lace and velvet are both delicate textures, so this pairing is fairly easy and won’t make your outfit look heavy and out of place; knit and leather is another great pair, as they bring the right amount of contrast and help you stand out just fine. 


Our Vince Mixed Rib Sleeveless Turtleneck goes well with any black bottom. 

For a breezy, casual look, pair it with your favourite pair of black denim. Throw on a leather jacket and a gold-tone necklace for a street-inspired date night outfit. Or wear it with a pair of wide-legged pants and a pair of mid-heels for a night out dancing with the girls.  

4. Add A Pop Of Colour

Finish your look with a pop of colour! By adding a pair of tassel earrings or a beaded necklace helps to elevate a simple monochrome outfit with a touch of your personality. 

 Matt & Nat’s Seoul Barrel in Ombre packs a bunch of juiciness to soften any of your one-colour outfits.
Jenny Bird’s Margo Earrings in Poppy go amazingly well if you’re looking for something to freshen up your hot pink look.
EmberAutumnMade’s Lemon Decal Tassel brings warmth to your all-black or all-white outfit.

That’s it, 4 headache-free ways to pull a monochrome look in an effortless way. Dressing in monochromatic is easy, time-saving, yet still makes you look polished and ready-for-anything. 

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