Bettering Your Basics: Leather Boot Care

5 Easy Steps to Help Your Leather Boots Last Longer

On today’s installment of bettering your basics, we’re going to take you through 5 simple steps you can use to help your leather booties kicking around longer (pun intended).

What you’ll need: A leather shampoo, polish & a brush, protector spray, an old cloth

Optional: Freshening mist

Products needed to clean leather boots 


Step One: Dampen your cloth (excess water should be rung out) and gently wipe any topical salt and stains. Then add the leather shampoo to your cloth and apply to your boots.

How to shampoo leather boots

Step Two (optional): While your boots dry from the shampooing, you can add a refreshing spritz to the inside of the boot to help keep them smelling fresh.

How to remove smell from leather boots


Step Three: Dip your brush into the polish – you want about a nickel size of polish to be on the brush. Then, using a circular motion, apply polish over boot. Ensure that polish is brushed into boot (it is okay to go over the boot a second time with a semi-dry brush). Leave boots to dry for 30 minutes.

Step Four: Take a dry cloth and gently buff excess polish off. This will give the boots a nice shine.

How to apply polish to leather boots

Step Five
:  Time to apply protecting spray. Best done outside, hold the boot about a foot away from the spray and generously coat boot. You can add 1-2 coats, resting boot 30 minutes – 1 hour in between. The trick is to get a gentle coat vs. drenching the boot in the spray.

Protecting leather boots with spray


Taking time to care for your basics helps to extend their life cycle, making your investment stretch over several years. The boots included in the demo have been worn every Fall/Winter and Spring for 6 years now with the boot care being applied at the end of every season.

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