Founder’s Tip: How to Recycle Your Clothes

Founder’s Tip: How to Recycle Your Clothes

Ways to Recycle Your Clothing

I came across this meme the other day (hilariously relatable, right?). And, truth be told, before launching a clothing rental service, I was in the exact same spot. I would open my closet and think:

I have so many clothes, but I don’t want to wear any of them.
OMG I totally forgot that I had this top!
Wow – I’ve spent a lot of money on these clothes…

And then, without fail, I move to the good old justification of: 

“I’ll probably wear that again someday” 

*Shuts closet door. Refuses to do anything about current situation*

Sounds familiar? It’s tough. I get it. You don’t want to part with your belongings because you’ve spent money on them, and you likely haven’t worn them enough to feel like they could be deemed “a smart purchase”. 

And then comes the other challenge: how do I get rid of them? 

I don’t want to throw them out. They’re still in good condition. I don’t have a donation bin close to where I live. And I’ve heard that a lot of those donation bins end up tossing 85-90% of what’s donated in the landfill anyway.

Luckily there are some great options of how you can give extra life to your garments. Here are 3 ways you can keep clothes out of the dumpster and jump on the sustainable fashion train.


Sell your clothes on Consignment

Sustainable Fashion - Second Hand Clothing Store


Did you know the second-hand clothing market is set to overtake fast fashion by 2028? Such an exciting stat, and with this rise of the second-hand market, we’re seeing more and more shops pop up. Consignment is a great option to A) find your clothes a second home and B) make back some of the money you originally invested in purchasing that item. 

The other great thing about selling your second-hand clothing? Many stores have partnerships with charities to donate your piece if it doesn’t sell. So, no matter what, your garment will find a new home.


Gift pre-loved items to family or friends

Sustainable Fashion - Gift Pre Loved Clothes to Friends

Might seem like a simple concept, but odds are a friend or family member who is the same size would love to take that dress, blouse, pair of pants off your hands. Remember, it’s new to them! A super easy way to pass on your clothes in a sustainable way. 



Sustainable Fashion - Downcycle


If you’re not familiar with the term, downcycling is when you take material and convert it into something of lesser value. This sounds kind of complicated, but let’s break it down with this example:

You’ve recently worn through the knee your favourite pair of jeans. Not a great option to sell on consignment or gift to a friend/family member. You can use that material to create something else – denim cut off shorts, or denim patches that you could add to another item like a jean jacket or another pair of pants. 

You can also turn your denim jeans into a vintage denim quilt here. This option requires you to be a little crafty but is an excellent option to extend the life of clothing.


Streamlining your closet truly does “spark joy”. Take the time to do a wardrobe inventory to ensure you’ve got the basics covered off on. For summer basics, here are the staples you’ll want to purchase to have in your closet:

Go-to pair of denim shorts
Basic t-shirt in white and/or black
Crepe-coloured pant
Bodysuit tank
Wide-brimmed hat (as well as some SPF!)
Neutral small purse

    This closet set up allows you to mix and match within your own wardrobe, but you can add variety and newness through clothing rental as well to keep your look fresh!

    If you’re interested in finding ways to become more green when it comes to your clothes, check out our blog on Sustainable Fashion Hacks where we disclose our top 3 tricks on how you can become more environmentally friendly this year.