Clothing Rental Changed My Life - Elaine

Meet Elaine – Vice-President at Loblaw, avid traveller and at-home chef!

Elaine has been a member of dresst™ since Day One. She’s been renting on rotation for 1 year so we sat down with her to chat all things life, business and cute clothes! 


Member of clothing rental service

What made you want to renting your clothes from dresst™?

For me it’s all about getting variety in my wardrobe. This was a cost effective and time effective way. The curated collection means spending less time going out to find new pieces.  

What was your favourite item you rented?

I’d have to say the Hutch Aidy Dress. I’ve rented it a few times now. It’s perfect for vacation and packs well!


What surprised you about the service dresst™ offers?

I was surprised by how much it curbed my need to go out and shop. It’s been able to help me focus my personal shopping on getting good basics so I can supplement with items from dresst


If you could give a piece of advice to new members, what would it be?

Rent items that you’re immediately drawn to – the ones that you would go out and buy yourself, but don’t be afraid to throw in 1 piece a month that changes up your look. It’s an easy way to try things you wouldn’t normally buy yourself which is half the fun!


Benefit of clothing rental service

If we were to go into your Netflix, what would be on your “Now Playing” list?

Currently watching Friends reruns…it’s just so good!

What do you do for down time?

Travel, workout, road bike in the summer and cook. A LOT of cooking. And lately, baking too!

What advice would you give to women in business?

Be coachable. Listen to the feedback other people give you because their perspective may be different than yours looking out.