Bettering your Basics: How to de-pill a Sweater

How to De-Pill a Sweater

Here at dresst™ we’re big fans of investing in quality basics and rotating the rest! The idea is to hang onto quality pieces, longer. This is how we like to set up the equation of longevity:


Purchase Quality Item + Applying Care for Item = Many, many wears & enjoyment


With everyone spending a little more time at home, we’re going to be sharing some of our “Bettering your Basics” wardrobe hacks. First up: Sweater Care!


What you’ll need: A “Defuzzer”. Seriously, this is what you can type into Amazon and it will pop up. They’re anywhere between $18-$30.

How to depill a sweater


Step One: Find a flat surface to lay your sweater on

Step Two: Identify pilled areas of the sweater. Common spots are along the elbows, the lower hemlines and shoulders (bags!).

Pilling on a sweater - How to remove


Step Three: Turn on the defuzzer and gently run it over the pilled areas. You may need to run it in different directions to get all pills off.


Removing pills from a sweater


Step Four: Revel in the beauty of the pills that have come off your sweater and are now neatly tucked in to the catch compartment on the defuzzer

Pills removed from a sweater


We recommend doing this at the end, and part way through each sweater season to get the longest wear. The one pictured has been in my closet for 7 years now!

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