3 Ways To Style A Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is as fun to wear as a party dress, and as versatile as a sleek slip dress, plus all the comfort of a pair of pants! However, choosing the perfect fit jumpsuit, the accessories, and the right styling isn’t an easy task because as we all know - every body is different. The whole “try before you buy” is the ideal scenario and this is clothing rental is a great option to use when looking for that perfect fit. At dresst(™), we carry a variety of styles from casual to dressy, from cropped to full-length, and pieces with adjustable waists (oh yes, they exist). The best part? Our exchange policy is super flexible, you can always swap out anything that doesn’t work, and we can get you the pieces that fit just right.

Knowing just how tricky the elusive jumpsuit can be, our dresst™ founders have tried on every single jumpsuit in our closet, and are ready to share their tips on finding THE jumpsuit from both a tall and a small gal perspectives. Here are a few different styles of jumpsuits you could consider:

1. Define Your Waist

So important! A slouchy, straight-up-and-down jumpsuit can be cool too, but cinching the waist is the best way to define your shape and add a dose of femininity to your look. Belts are the go-to, but tying a lightweight jacket or shirt around your waist can create an hourglass shape. What’s more, it has the added benefit of hiding that unflattering-back-bottom thing that sometimes happens when you cinch in the waist on a loose, flowy jumpsuit. 

And if tying another garment around your waist isn’t the look you’re going for, a jumpsuit with a detachable belt works just fine. 

Founder’s tip:

Parker Caymen Jumpsuit...honestly nothing is hotter than a military-inspired jumpsuit. Super cute, versatile and classic. When choosing this jumpsuit you will want to go up a size. The structured material has been found to be snug on the thigh. That aside, it’s a great option for both tall and small - the ankle ruching allows you to choose your length and the size up makes this friendly for the tall women. The drawstring waist is great to help accentuate or create your waistline.

Hutch Reed Jumpsuit is the perfect fit for both the tall girl and the small girl. It’s relaxed cut and super-soft material fits all bodies well. For the tall girl you’ll have room in the torso and for the small girl the cropped leg works great and you don’t have to worry about the bottom dragging.


2. Team A Cropped Jumpsuit With Your Favourite Pair Of Shoes

Jumpsuits with wide-leg cropped pants are great options for when it’s scorching hot. Dress it up with a pair of heels to show a sliver of skin and you’re all set for a night out dancing. Or dress it down with a pair of sneakers for a weekend picnic in the park (while social distancing, of course). Either way, you’re in for a good time with this breezy silhouette.

Founder’s tip:

Hutch Stassi Jumper is a fan favourite at dresst(™). Not only is a cute cropped summer look, the straps are actually adjustable to make it as long or short in the body as you like!


3. Stick To A Colour Scheme

To make the ultimate impact, a monochromatic look gets the job done. A one-clour garment leaves you room to be creative. Glitzy metallic accessories and a sleek tuxedo vest set you apart at a cocktail party. While a pair of pearl earrings and pastel sandals make sure you nail a cute date-night outfit.

Founder’s tip:

The Delia Jumpsuit is sleek sophistication all in one piece. This is not an adjustable jumpsuit so a few things to consider: 

  • Small Girls - you’ll want to rock this look with the heels as the inseam could be long on you
  • Tall Girls - depending on your torso this may be a bit snug. Option is to go up a size and use the built-in belt to make any waistline adjustments.

Ready to put your own spin on this chic one-piece garment? Our closet picks are just one click away.

Shipping? It’s free! How about dry cleaning? Always included. I need an outfit for tonight’s dinner! We’ve got you! If you live downtown Toronto, shoot us a message and we can get you set up for same-day delivery!